Patience and wait bring within an unmatched combination of bouquets and essences. Come and discover the product of a blend made with the finest rums aged in Oak barrels that give Ron RonCentenario12 an incomparable flavor. It is highly exclusive rum. Excellent for people who is open to experience a deep and elegant flavor with a bigger mix of aromas.

After your next fine home-cooked meal, pour yourself a Flor de Caña instead of Madeira or dessert wine. Not overly complex, but finely rounded and true to its name, this rum exhibits a slight butterscotch scented leather taste. Flor de Caña isn't trying to taste like anything other than what it is, a fine delicate rum devoid of added flavors. There's nothing artificial here - just a very smooth, easy sipping rum that is best served neat. I especially like this to sip one in warmer times, and definitely not appropriate for mixing. Reasonably easily found in the US at premium liquor stores, or online.

Men and women 35 and over, who are searching for a more mature, smooth and sophisticated rum. Available size: 750 ML