The oldest rum in Nepal, Khukri has been distilled since 1959 using only the freshest water from Mount Everest. Khukri derives its subtle, complex nature from the balanced flavors of brown spice, dried fruit and butterscotch. It's matured in oak vats for at least eight months, which creates its distinguished lingering aroma of oak and caramel.With an aroma that is robust and generous, a rum that expands nicely in the palate, reinforcing the olfactory notion of a well-rounded rum.

Produced by Nepal Distilleries Pvt. Ltd. in Kathmandu, Khukri Rum is named after a dagger-like weapon called a khukri or khukuri, which was used in Nepal by the elite Gurkha armed forces.

The khukri, carried by Gurkha soldiers as a side-arm, is centuries old. It is said that a Gurkha does not unsheathe the knife without the promise of drawing someone’s blood. Every part of the khukri is symbolic, from the trident of the Hindu God to the crescent moon, which is a symbol of Nepal. Khukri Rum and its inspiration are truly unique to Nepal.

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