Category: Dark Rum

Country of origin: Costa Rica

Alcohol content: 40%

Product Descripcion

Exclusive and elegant packing design. Winner of GOLD MEDAL in rum festival in Germany 2009 and SILVER MEDAL in festival Germany 2011.

Smell: Great bouquet due to the strict selection of barrels under the Solera aging method. Smooth and harmonious scents like vanilla, traces of brandy, and ripe fruits, such as apple and cherry. It has an aftertaste effect.

Taste: Mild, pleasant, feeling light alcohol taste. Vanilla and sweet fruits taste can be perceived. More than 30 seconds remaining in the mouth taste.

Mode of consumption:

20 years Centenario can be taken on the rocks or mixed.

Selling rationale:

This is a 20 year old rum that comes from our heritage and tradition that characterizes Centenario and makes it rum with excellent quality, aging and flavor.

Presentation:•750 ml