Royal Challenge Premium Whisky

Royal Challenge Premium Whisky is a blend of rare Scotch and matured Indian malt whiskies. The Scotch that goes into Royal Challenge is imported from Scotland, where distilling of this spirit has a tradition of over 500 years.This rare Scotch and matured Indian malt whiskies are then crafted by the Master Blender to give Royal Challenge its inimitable taste and distinctive character. Varying proportion of selected Indian Malt Spirit, Clean Extra Neutral Alcohol and Plain Caramel and FDA and State Exercise approved flavours and essences are blended under close supervision and strict quality control so as to get overall roundness and typical organoleptic characteristics to the blend

Royal Challenge is the biggest and the best selling premium whisky in the country today. Currently it enjoys more than 58% of the market share. From the beginning the brand has been known for its consistent quality and best blend. Last year the brand rejuvenated itself with a new, unique and truly international packaging, which is square at the bottom and round at top. Aiming to attract a newer audience to the brand, the team is confident of taking their flagship brand to newer heights.