gets its name from the last czar of Russia and true to its calling remains committed to the finest vodka making, the way Russians traditionally made their vodkas. Romanov then not only delivers an international youthful imagery but also provides the consumer vodka that is truly superior.

A rigorous 7-step manufacturing process ensures a high level of clarity and purity. A World class triple-distilled blend with a tinge of pure spring water, Romanov induces a sense of refreshing energy. And its piquancy leaves you craving for more

A premium variant of Romanov, Romanov Red caters to the growing consumer need for a vodka that not only matches international standards in smoothness and taste but also delivers superior imagery. For the first time in India, a vodka has been introduced in a shrink sleeve packaging (the bottle is made of red sleeve that is conspicuous and attractive) to heighten its visibility.

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