Antiquity is considered by connoisseurs to be the finest among all Indian whiskies and is called the 'True Blue' of Indian whiskies. It is a blend of the choicest Indian malt whiskies and very old Scotch, carefully married and aged for a subtle and light bodied flavour.Varying proportion of selected Scottish vatted malt spirit, clean ENA and plain caramel are blended under close supervision and rigid quality control so as to impart smoothness and roundness to the product and to give overall mild and light characteristics to the blend.

Antiquity shines brightest on the alcobev landscape of India as an icon of sophistication, class, style, panache and excellence. It is widely considered as the true blue of Indian Whiskies. The brand is a leading player in the super premium segment with an almost unbeatable market share of 92%, built over a decade, and has been growing exponentially over the years. The phenomenal 36% growth of the brand over its last year�s sales figures proves its continued success, and makes the brand the epitome of class and excellence.