Khukri Coronation

Rum generally conjures images of the Caribbean, of warm climates and fat lazy galleons. Rarely does one think of rum and envision the chilly mountains of the Himalayas. But Khukri Rum defies many expectations, from its uniquely shaped bottle (formed specifically after a knife designed for decapitation) to its surprisingly complex range of flavors.

To the nose, Khukri smells of sweet caramel toffee and cinnamon. It’s still clearly rum, but candied rum, perhaps. The flavor itself is light and sweet at first, and just a bit spicy. But as it warms along the tongue it seems to grow heavier, with a fuller, more robust and creamy sensation, evoking vanilla and syrup.

Khukri Rum hasn’t been available in the United States for very long, and last I heard only had limited distribution in New York and California. Hopefully it will become more readily available soon, as this rum will surely prove a very special treat for rum enthusiasts everywhere.

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