Established in 2001, JOM Wine & Spirits, Inc. is engaged in importing premium Indian alcohol products from the India. JOM has established nationwide distribution in numerous states in the US and is striving to reach all possible states in near future. With US regional offices in Chicago-Illinois and Houston-Texas, JOM has appointed some of the best to market its finest beer, distilled spirits and wine.

With large, nationwide clientele; we ship anywhere in the USA, to anyone over 21 who appreciates fine beer, wine, whiskey, or rum from India. We also have expanded into Tequila products from Mexico and Vodka from Poland. Our growing presence in the United States ensures the products are easily available in an ever-growing number of retail outlets.

We want to fuse the east flavors with the west in hopes that one day these products are not only popular with South Asians, but also with other ethnicities in the US.